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The year of eating together

The co-op supermarket means a lot of things to a lot of people but as a retailer it had lost its way. We sought to simplify this story around something we relate to everyday.
Co-op food, and it’s power to bring people closer, was at the heart of the ‘year of eating together’ campaign with the kitchen/dining/picnic table the stage to share moments and celebrate relationships.
As art director for the launch I sought to make it iconic with the overhead opening shot and dramatic food photography. For the dialogue I worked with contacts in the standup circuit to assist in the script writing.
The campaign resulted in six TV commercials, the roll out of a new graphic design treatment for our advertising and in store work, social media campaigns to continue the conversation and resulted in a whole load of sausages being sold.
Agency: Forever Beta
Creatives: Adam Kirby and Matt Walker
Director: Gus Filgate (Darling films)


Wednesday June 19 2024
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