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Digital Garage is the physical manifestation of Google’s commitment to level up the country. A semi-permanent space where small business owners, entrepreneurs and the digitally left behind can learn the skills to fulfil their online ambitions.

We were tasked to launch the initiative in Scotland’s biggest cities. Recognising that there is often a barrier to adult learning, the concept was to lead with peoples’ potential rather than their needs. ‘Yet’ became an evocative suffix to unlock this ambition and create context around the skills program.

Working in a succonded role at Google Creative Lab, I  develop a large OOH campaign and a series of success stories on social media. Completing the user journey there was an aspect of spacial and experience design to dramatise the pledging process in store.

Client: Google Creative Labs
Agency: Forever Beta

it’s what you can’t do... yet It’s not what you can’t do, Pledge online or IRL
Monday April 22 2024