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Let’s get real, when it comes to selling TVs it’s all bouncing balls and butterflies. Hisense couldn’t afford to copy the big players so we set about forging our own identity as the ‘people’s champion’.
Targeting the informed masses we hit them self awareness regarding the real role TV plays in their life. At the heart it all our spokesman – Joel McHale.

The quick witted comedian sought to rid the brand of B.S. and with it offer an honest alternative to our pretentious rivals.
As creative director I led the pitch and built a team to deliver through the line creative from TV to content and always-on-media. The account grew to be IMA-HOME’s largest integrated account with billings of $14m in the first two years.

Let’s get real, it’s a flexible idea

We kept the design classy and the copy witty to rollout across hundreds of assets

100 Day No Regrets Guarantee

Choosing a TV is a big decision. Taking inspiration (stealing) from online mattress retailers I pitched the 100 night free trial and a year later made it a reality. 

Free kitten with every ULED TV* *no kittens were harmed
Monday April 22 2024